IDII White Paper Section - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the preferred White Paper Topics?

IDII prefers white papers on supply chain management, transportation, warehousing, ERP, optimization, purchasing, etc. To suggest a technical white paper for possible listing, please verify that is pertinent to software selection, warehousing, logistics, e-commerce, order processing, replenishment demand, or purchasing.

What is the Review Process?

We will review to see if it is educational and relates to supply chain topics that we focus on. We look for three things - Is the white paper (1) educational, (2) provides technical details to educate sophisticated IT & logistics people, and (3) appropriate language - well written, no abusive language, etc. If we have received permission to place the white paper on our website - then the new white paper is announced in the newsletter and put on the white paper listing.

What SIZE of white paper is desired?

Size of the white paper is to be a minimum of 1 full page, preferred is 2 to 20 pages. Again, we are looking to "educate" with "detailed knowledge" to benefit readers (Approximately 90% have college background with either a Master's or Bachelor's degrees).

What FORMAT is preferred?

Format preferred is (1) PDF, (2) Word document, or (3) HTML.

What is the COST of listing the white paper?

Cost: Free! Both the writer/vendor and IDII both are mutually benefited from increased traffic to IDII Website and pass through traffic to your URL.

When do the white papers EXPIRE?

Kept on website with no expiration date. We estimate a minimum of 3 to 5 years. Reviews are done once a year to see if any white papers are obsolete and then those are dropped.

Where Do I Send The White Paper?

Send the white paper(s) to for review. Include the (1) white paper, (2) written permission, and (3) URL that we should give credit to. See next few questions.

Do I need to give IDII written permission?

IDII must receive permission to put the white paper on our websites. Send this permission via an e-mail that lists the name of the white paper(s). May we suggest the following wording:
  • Our (Company) gives IDII permission to copy and place the following white papers (list their names) on IDII's websites. We give IDII permission to link to our website.
  • Please use the following URL to give proper recognition and credit to us. The URL string is"

Do I get Credit for the white paper?

Yes, On our white paper index page(s), we give proper credit and recognize the contribution of the author(s). IDII puts the author's name and the company's name on the white paper index page(s). Please provide a single URL for the company or author's website. IDII links the company name to this URL .

To suggest a technical white paper for
possible listing, follow the instructions above.
Send an e-mail with a copy of the white paper,
with permission to put white paper on our websites

and permission to link to your website.

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