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Optimizing Business Processes in Current Software - Annual Detailed Analysis

Tap Into Our Expertise! Our Recommendations are Feasible, Smart, and have Short ROI’s

IDII will review, study, and analyze your operations. Many of our recommendations are discussed during this analysis. IDII refines the recommendations in a report, adds estimated ROI to each recommendation, and visits with your staff on the final report. Companies have found the savings rapidly pays back for the consulting fee spent. Select one or more areas to be reviewed:

  • E-Commerce Software. OMS Software. ERP Software. Review enterprise wide operations in detail. We build a list of process improvements and software enhancements that will improve operations. Current processes are reviewed that involve the application software. Then we recommended changes that save steps, time, and money. Our recommendations in our report have short paybacks – anywhere from one month to a two year ROI. Our firm has designed and enhanced ERP software.

Abbreviations Utilized:

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning aka the main system (accounting, procurement, order entry, inventory, warehousing, manufacturing, etc.)
  • OMS - Order Management System aka Order Entry aka Distributed Order Management
  • TMS - Transportation Management System
  • WMS - Warehouse Management System

Options Available:

  • Limit process recommendations to only existing software only. Company is not open to ideas to leverage new application software.
  • Wide open recommendations (default). Company is open to process improvements and recommendations to acquire new software where appropriate.
  • How Often Should this be done? We are flexible. One time, once a year, twice a year, or as needed.
  • Why Do This Multiple Times? Companies make small changes (non-disruptive to overall operations). According to Six Sigma, these improvements are ongoing and continue to happen. As we analyze your operations, we work with your staff, to see "how much" change could reasonable be recommended to occur at one time. The mindset must be continual improvements.
  • Disruptive recommendations. The majority of our recommendations are non-disruptive. But - if your existing legacy software is very outdated, by IDII recommending new software - the implementation will be a major disruptor in order to make a large jump to a solid software product with today's technologies. Please realize that most of our recommendations are non-disruptive.



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