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Software Selection

Want the best? Then please - step back and look at your current problems, issues, and future needs .... Catch the vision of "what" the new software must do! The steps are:

  • Analyze & document your current issues and future needs
  • Document current processes
  • Build a tough RFP with questions that include the tough functionality and unusual requirements
  • Locate and evalute the best "fit" software solutions. Select finalist software vendors.
  • Train selection team members on what functionality is common, different, or unique to software vendors
  • Have software demonstrated to the selection team members.
  • Negotiate contract terms and prices for the top software vendor

    Each of the above steps represent an opportunity for success or failure, however, when IDII is engaged to finding the best software, you will be a success in selecting one of the best software solutions on the market. See these steps illustrated here.


We will provide project management to guide the implementation of the new software system. Our experienced project manager will optimize the project plan to skip unneccessary steps - to save critical time and money. Project manager will report to C level executives with weekly status updates on the project and cost estimates. Project manager and implementation team members must resist the urge to "project creep" (keep adding more new unplanned enhancements to the software).

Implementation should be done in phases - as to minimize risk to the organization. New unplanned enhancements should be "planned" for the next phase. The phase steps for implementing new systems are summarized below:

  • Optimize project plan. Build team. Kickoff meeting.
  • Order computer hardware and software (3rd party software and vendor software) for test environment.
  • Begin data conversion in test environment. Must have clean data for new system. Clean data as required.
  • Build interfaces between test db and other test environments.
  • Configure new software and/or hardware for users.
  • Conference pilot. Reconfigure. Repeat until configuration is final.
  • Document new processes.
  • Test interfaces and data conversion programs.
  • User testing and training.
  • Install software & databases on production servers.
  • Install interfaces and data conversion programs on production servers.
  • Convert data into production servers.
  • Quick test on production servers.
  • Go live on production servers.


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