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IDII has extensive software development background in E-commerce, ERP, OMS, WMS, and TMS software. We have made significant enhancements to ERP software written in Progress 4GL using the Progress DB with an ERP solution called WDS-II. This very complex ERP solution gives us the mindset to tackle any ERP solution, to design new enhancements and have them coded. Either your staff can code the modifications or we will have it arranged.

Some of our enhancements that we have done:

  • Built automatic creation of new sales orders in the ERP system. Very complex. This included web orders and multiple data formats.
  • Added complex interface to take 3rd party cash receivables and auto-create AR cash batches.   AR staff would review these cash batches via reports and then post the cash batches to AR & GL. A phase 2 included auto creation of an AP batch.
  • Expanded Demand Forecasting for seasonality and other non-stock refinements.
  • Enhanced Demand Forecasting to also include transfer orders (TO) in the demand. TO's were not included in the original demand formulas.
  • Added complex Sales Force Automation db & interface to handheld tablets for sales force.
  • Big Data - Created common database to push/pull ERP data from 30 separate ERP databases into one common database.
  • Big Data - Created push/pull programs to push/pull data from common ERP database to Sales Force database.
  • More!

As well as Inventory Related Items:

  • Added dual units of measurement into the ERP system. Complex.
  • Automated batch pick process for warehouse. This would automatically once-an-hour send pick requests for batch picks - based on various size orders.
  • Designed various enhancements for the WMS.
  • Built interface between WMS and Shipping Manifest System (SMS). The SMS, Clippership, would rate cartons and create labels. Actual shipment information and shipping charges were brought all the way back into the ERP system.
  • Created Vendor Cost Import routine to take raw price data files from vendors. This would allow staff to auto-create new cost changes and new price changes into the ERP system on scheduled future dates.
  • Created Inventory Inquiry to also show tiered price break points (for that customer) to inside sales staff.  Resulted in increased sales.
  • Created new Price Book export routines to desk top publishing package - as company would physically print quarterly price books with the 300 vendors spanning 100,000 sku’s.
  • Added membership program that allows members (certain customers) to purchase the once-a-year collectible item.
  • More!

And simplify IT Operations:

  • Schedule automatic printing of reports for warehouse and customer service staff.
  • Automatic backup of databases on a nightly basis.
  • Automate resizing of log files in Unix on a nightly basis.
  • Automatic messages to alert operations on a file system filling up.
  • Application Software Menu system for Unix users - to avoid having end-users in Unix ever...
  • Auto-start up of database servers in Unix.
  • More!

Abbreviations Utilized:

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning aka the main system (accounting, procurement, order entry, inventory, warehousing, manufacturing, etc.)
  • OMS - Order Management System aka Order Entry aka Distributed Order Management
  • SMS - Shipping Manifest System
  • TMS - Transportation Management System
  • TO - Transfer Order
  • WMS - Warehouse Management System


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