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A list of valuable newsletters and magazines that are highly educational and focused on the supply chain, software, or technology. Some of these websites also have educational white papers and books.

Recommended Supply Chain Publications

Publication Name

Distribution Center Management English. Warehousing, Technology, Employee, and Environmental.
EyeForTransport English. Logistics & Shipping Information.
International Journal of Logistics English. Solid focus on logistics & supply chain. Strong emphasis on educational & technical information - from a practical view point.
RFID Journal English. Very informative on RFID technology including RF/ID tags, news, case studies, and more.
QuickRead by GSCL English. Condensed & well selected briefs on full educational articles on current supply chain issues & white papers.
Warehousing Forum Newsletter English. Warehousing Forum founded by Ken Ackerman, an expert in warehousing.
Warehouse Management and Control Systems English. Warehousing, Technology, and Operations.
WERC's Newsletter English. Warehouse Education Research Council is a non-profit organization dedicated for furthering research & education in warehousing. Newsletter covers one major thought per issue from practical warehousing tips to warehouse technology.

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