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IDII is a privately held company with expertise in software research, consulting, evaluation, selection, integration, and implementation for the supply chain. We are dedicated to having the highest integrity through honesty, earnestness, and presentation of the facts.

Our experience in software speaks for itself. IDII has been helping companies locate, implement, and enhance their operations for many years. We have assisted mid to large size corporations evaluate & implement new software - from 3PL's, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and government agencies!

Our Values That We Hold:

  • Integrity
  • Serving Our Clients
  • Wanting Your Best (Best Products, Best Processes)

Philip Obal

President of IDII. Phil has over 25 years experience in management consulting and software design. Phil currently consults with companies needing new software or have a need to improve their business processes.

Experienced in distribution, software, and management. He has been a R&D Director for software company with distribution, manufacturing, and financial software, as well as IT Director for a industrial wholesaler having a wide variety of products. He has selected and integrated ERP, CRM, price change system, inventory management, OMS, shipping manifesting system, WMS, TMS, and more.

Phil is experienced in software design in ERP, e-commerce, inventory, order entry, and demand forecasting.

He has authored numerous articles and publications. See a current list of these publications.

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